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Miller S-32P Wire-feed

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  • Miller S-32P Wire-feed

    Does any-one have any positive input on the miller S-32P wire feeder? I'm running a newer miller so don't know if i'm down grading by buying this unit.

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    I have one...a new one. Long story. Suffice to say it is new old stock.

    I don't see anything wrong with them. I have my doubts that it will hold up to as much abuse as the current suitcases, though. Parts are going to be hard to find semi soon...maybe a couple of years down the road. Still a good amount around now, though. I don't know of any issues with them yet. Mine only has maybe 10-12 hours on it, so it is still a baby so to speak.

    Mine is currently running with a new TB302. It welds flux core very nicely and even has a mean short circuit with solid wire. All things considered, it is a good unit.

    '06 Trailblazer 302
    '06 12RC feeder
    Super S-32P feeder

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