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  • Dog Boxes??

    Hey Gang,

    Does anyone have plans for building dog boxes? I am looking to build custom boxes for my two search and rescue dogs. Need something fairly light, super durable and able to transport my dogs in safety and comfort 4 seasons out of the year. Plan to use aluminum, but do not have a spool gun. Any plans or reccomendations out there? If I bought a box like this, it would cost about 500.00 each, and I need two of them, and want to be able to customize further, so I figure I should build them myself- - -plus I need a project for this winter! Most are made of diamond plate aluminum, but I have no idea what thickness. Rough dimensions= 36long, 24 wide, 30 tall, with doors, and vents, etc.

    Thanks in advance,
    Stuart Samples
    Dallas, GA
    Millermatic 175 Mig
    [email protected]

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    I have looked at a few, just checking them out. I have mini weiner dogs so the glove box works fine for a hauler . Just kidding. One had like 14 ga alum the other had 1/8". You could prob get away with welding them with your Miller but you have to watch the heat on your mig gun. I would go with the 1/8" if you can get a deal on it. You can cut it with a table saw or hand circular saw both with a carbide blade. I don't think they make a Teflon liner for your welder so you will just have to wing it. Maybe someone on this group is closer to you and could weld it...Bob
    Bob Wright


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      Thanks, and more questions..

      I was thinking about getting a spoolmate 3035 spool gun and the, SGA-100 spool gun adapter to go with my Millermatic 175. Has anyone on this list used this combination successfully to weld aluminum? Are there better options, or is this the best way to go without spending a fortune?

      Thanks for the advice on the thickness, I did a little more research, and most of the manufactures appear to be using .080 thickness, or roughly 1/8 inch, so you are dead on. Thanks again, and any more advice on acutally welding the aluminum is appreciated. never tried it, but I am willing to learn!



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        Check with the guys over at the Millerwelds Motorsports group, maybe someone has that combo...Bob
        Bob Wright


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          The SGA 100 along with the Spoolmate 3035 work very well off the Milermatic 175. 1/8" diamond plate would be no problem capacity wise for this combo.

          Kevin Schuh
          Service Technician
          Miller Electric Mfg. Co.


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            Thanks again for the replies, I will let everyone know how they come out, and will post my shop drawings and pictures as well as I progress!

            Happy welding,


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              dog boxes

              regarding material thickness, 14 gage sheetmetal is about .075" thick and 1/8" material is .125". Thats a pretty significant difference. The lighter material would be fine but you may want to reinforce the corners a bit.
              Have a great day!

              John Leisner
              Product Manager
              Miller Electric Mfg. Co.

              Owner and user of:
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                Miller john,

                Thanks for the advise! 14GA is probably what I will use. I found a piece of 1/8 last night, and it is way more than what I need. I want these boxes to be light and easily movable. Here is a picture similar to what I want to create. I may be in over my head, but the dogs won't mind if the first few hundered welds are ugly....

                I am also struggeling with the decision between spending nearly 700$ on a spool gun and controller to mig the aluminum, or just going the distance and paying 1300$ for a miller econotig. I know the differences in the processes, speed vs precision etc, but wonder if anyone has reccomendation either way? I am a hobbiest, by I am always welding stuff, and love to build, and create stuff, so I am not sure which is the best choice. I can stick, mig, tig and torch weld, but I only own a millermatic 175, so not sure which way to go for the money. Decisions, decisions, but any recomendations are appreciated!

                Thanks again for your post,

                To weld aluminum boxes?
                Miller Econotig 903367
                3035 spool gun with spa 100 controller

                Approximate picture attached of what I hope to achieve....
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                  Personally I would not get the econo tig even though it will do what you want. For very little more $ you can get a syncrowave 180 SD Much much better welder and will keep you happy for a very long time.
                  Check past recommendations and comments on the Hobart welding Forum by Dan and others. Regardless it's your money what ever you do try one before buying one. Demo them (all that you are considering buying) Cheaper in the end to get the right one the first time.
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                    stu, might check into getting as many pieces broke as you can. it'll save you alot of welding and it won't warp as bad,,,as for a machine,,, get bigger than what ya need cause i've seen a lot of folks get just enough and regret it later,,, later,,,outlaw...


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                      Here's an idea for your dog boxes...make sure you have plenty of ventilation and insulation to protect your dogs....they are an oven in the summer and a freezer in the winter!
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                      Arcin' and Sparkin', Rocky D

                      "Experience is the name we give our mistakes"


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                        Thanks again

                        Thanks again for the responses. I have decided to buy a synchrowave 180SD, and will post my pogress on the boxes in the next few months. I appreciate all of the feedback.

                        Dallas, GA


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                          Originally posted by harold
                          Personally I would not get the econo tig ... For (a) little more $ you can get a syncrowave 180 SD Much much better welder and will keep you happy for a very long time.
                          This brings up a good point I'd like to ask about. I'm looking to get an EconoTig as well. Same basic reasons. Hobbyist welding, things like bicycle frames, go karts, misc. small stuff, a gate here and there & an occasional motorcycle modification project . One of the reasons that I like the EconoTig is that it comes with so much stuff and has some of the high Freq advantages of bigger machines. My question is does the 180 come with all the stuff that the Econo does? The 180 is the machine that's used to teach at the local community college so I'm familiar with how it welds (Great). I just think it may be overkill for what I intend of it. Can someone comment on what they think of the Econo if they've used it? Thanks