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  • Latest Project - Tank Trailer

    Ok, since I've been harping about made in America lately, I guess I should post the latest creation to roll out of the shop. A little history to start with. For the last couple of years, my business partner and I have been kicking around the idea of having a portable water source for various uses. Ranging anywhere from washing down streets in front of work sites, maintain landscaping, and fire control in undeveloped areas. This idea was pushed to the front "burner" if you will with all of the wild fires that Oklahoma had last year. When we almost lost $400,000 worth of property to a grass fire, we decided to be prepared next time. That's where this contraption comes in.

    Here's the specs:
    1,000 gallon puedo-baffeled tank
    6.5 hp 75PSI pump
    GPM - can't remember off hand, but it was enough
    Currently outfitted with 2" fire-fighting hose
    Plans for a hose reel and 1" line

    Pump is plumbed with a suction and pressure manifold system. With current valving, it can source either from the tank or an outside suction line (self-priming, max lift appr 20'). Can reverse to pressure fill tank from outside suction line, or by-pass tank altogether and be used as a transfer pump.

    The hard line that terminates on top of the tank is designed for filling from a potable system (fire hydrant) with the air break to prevent back flow contamination.

    Tandem 7K axles with four point electric brakes
    8" channel frame and cross members
    If you have ever worked on trailer electrical systems you will appreciate this part - All of the electrics are sealed from the environment. All connections are either in junction boxes or soldered, treated with anti-corrosion grease, and then shrink-wrapped. (I have this personal thing about any form of quick connect in an exposed electrical's just a place for corrosion to set in a destroy the system).
    Full compliment of LED lighting and "DOT" tape

    Oh and before the "red and black" comments start, I'll go ahead and nip them. The arrangement with my business partner was that he paid for all of the materials and I did the work. The only thing he really requested was to go with the whole fire truck image and paint it red, besides, the pump was red and black to start with.


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    Nice looking trailer.

    Kinda sad when you have to take it upon yourself to protect your property from fires.

    I have a hydrant in my yard, but I don't own a hose for it.
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      Well, normally it wouldn't be that big of an issue. Last fall was a horrible fire season. That particular fire had a flame front over two miles wide. When you mix little to no rainfall, <10% humidity, and 40mph winds, it's every man for himself. I quit counting at 20 different fire departments (not just units, but departments). Some from 50+ miles away.
      Bobcat 250, MM 210, Syncrowave 180, Spectrum 375
      Cat 242B Skid Steer, Challenger (Cat/Agco) MT275
      1 Thessalonians 4:11-12


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        Nice setup and great job building it.
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