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  • aluminum welding

    Hello every one i was just wondering if any one has welded aluminum ith a stick welder and is it possible.

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    They do sell aluminum rods, but when i tried had no luck. I use T.I.G for thin or M.I.G for thick stuff.
    HMW [Heavy Metal welding]


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      Can be done

      Hello all,

      I have done this many of times back in high school. We were using 6011 or 6013 rods on a Miller welder set to 80A and some Tig rods. Basically we started the arc with the stick and then pulled it back till the arc was just about gone, then layed in the Tig rod.

      Takes some practice, but can be done easily enough. Good luck.

      We were taught this trick to help repair some of the shop stools instead of brazing them with the torches. (Our Tig welder didn't work half the time.)

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        I've done some Al SMAW. I keep a few rods on the truck, too, for emergencies. It works, but requires DC and lots of practice. I would never recommend it as a process for something on purpose.


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          Lots of practice as already said and they are expensive. When i was 18 i used them quite a bit on castings. But now 30 years later i have a mig...Bob
          Bob Wright


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            if you want nice looking beads or welds i would go with a mig or definately tig. i welded aluminum stick before and it wasnt pretty. its possible but not pretty.