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Small boat drag anchor

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  • Small boat drag anchor

    Made this drag anchor for my sister's pontoon.Parts are an axle from a 1 ton truck and four 13" peices of 1/2" round stock.You tie the rope to the bottom eye let it lay against the shaft and attach it to the top eye with a small zip tie.This will let the anchor snag any rocks,trees or brush on the bottom and hold the boat still.In the event it realy gets stuck you pull real hard on the rope breaking the small zip tie then you're pulling from the bottom of the anchor and it's free!
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    Nice job! Friend of mine used to make them from 1" round stock, with 1/2" for the "branches". All made from 316 stainless. Sold them through the fishing and boat shops. Shops sold them for $200 and sold them quite fast. I guess the other boaters had to "keep up with the Jonses'"...Zip tied to the bottom of the anchor with a 1/2 moon made from 1/4 round bar...
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      i like the zip tie unsnag idea.
      thanks for the help
      hope i helped
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