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  • What to buy??

    Hello everyone,
    I'm new to the group. I'd like any input in selecting a TIG machine for my
    "hopefully" growing home shop. I've got a 200A service to my garage,
    (previous owner had his own business). I am used to the big, industrial,
    run 10hrs, weld anything from .040'' to .1.25''.
    Can I hook up, safely, a syncro-250/350, and what would the power loss
    be since it's not 460V. I'd like to be able to burn into .375 Al. so I'm thinking
    about 250A should be enough, though more is always nicer. All the new
    inverter technonogy is nice but it's just out of my price range, I just got
    house and will hopefully be starting the family soon, so a used syncro-350
    is what I'm hoping I can use, They seem fairly available and affordable.
    Anyway, Thanks for any help. I'll have my own little shop "one piece
    atta time"


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    How much are you willing to spend?


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      I've seen older machines going for as little as a grand. My boss offered me
      a syncro 625 for nothing, just get it out of the building, but was told that
      a 625A machine on a home service wouldn't work, but anyway. I guess
      anything more than a grand would require me to finance it, so at that point
      I should get something new with a warranty, and this is how I talk myself in
      circles. I don't want to have to spend alot, but realize you get what you
      pay for,haha..

      Later on


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        If you're going to finance it go for the Syncro250, 350, or a Dynasty300. I have expirence on the 250 and it is a great machine, but everyone says the 300 is beter for aluminum than the Syncros are and about the same on steel.


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          I've got a 200A service to my garage
          I wish I had that much power. I have a 200A for the whole house, and half thats for the garage.


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            The garage was the selling point for the house, I didn't care what my wife
            did with the house, I just wanted the garage,,LOL


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              I prefer to have a huge garage with lots of power than a huge house.