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New to GTAW. Any suggestions?

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  • New to GTAW. Any suggestions?

    Howdy howdy howdy y'all,

    Just got my new Tweco tig torch (thanks, Dave) and getting started.

    Would any of you hands care to offer advice/insight?


    Ammonia refrigeration tech
    Trailblazer 302 (yes, it's new)
    Millermatic 180 w/Autoset
    HF-15 High frequency
    XR15 w/Push-Pull Gun
    Victor O/A, DeWalt, North mask

    "A professional knows what to do. A craftsman knows why."

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    gtaw, any sugestions ?

    come on triggerman
    i'm from dallas too and just as full of it / you know more about welding than 90% of us/i started with an old P/H 300 amp welder and a water cooled tweco torch with a rawhide cover on the hose/ man that was heavy and big/but i still miss it/the machine was the size of my jeep and the same color/we did alot of heliarc( old time)/ i am using miller torches now/ smaller but i still miss my old tweco and smiths gages/ just and old f--t/i just bought a dynisty 200 dx / it is hard to mess up alum./i moved to texoma a couple of years ago and am working the marinas/small is better at 10pm at night walking down the docks/ hope you are happy with your torch it is a good one/any one is welcome to e mail me at reederrd @ aol .com/we may know some of the same people/ i am going to welding school at the c.c. in denison tx. ( you to can be 60)
    i am self taught and my main instructor says he takes half a semester to un teach me so i need twice as long/ happy 2007 / pat from texas


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      You know how to gas weld, right? (it helps) Clean your metal, use backing gas if possible, clean your filler metal and learn the different filler metals, read your books, keep a steady rhythm...then forget what everyone told you and practice until you've got it. TIG is my favorite for so many reasons
      Matt Adams A&P, IA
      Trailblazer 302
      Dialarc HF


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        Aircraft Welder
        i'm still kinda new to TIG so its got its agrivating moments but i have to agree its my favoret also... ....ok quickly becoming my favoret. still gotta cuss atit once in a wile but they are getting ferther apart now.
        it shour is nice when all is going good, kinda like a nice slow dance.
        thanks for the help
        hope i helped
        feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat. [email protected]
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