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    Welding Certification

    Originally posted by Danny View Post
    Has any one had their shop certified for the welding fabricator ? If so what all did that take-besides $1700 of your dollars ? The way I read it- you can certify the shop and not the individual employees ? But then after reading through all the print it seems that this is set up more for a larger scale fab shop and not a 3 employee or less shop ? Many of the questions on the check list I have to answer no to, it seems the paper work is looking more at the way the shop is structured with its employees then the actual welding being done. Not to mention this is a 3 year cert and requires another re-cert and $1600- yikes !
    Danny Hi;

    I don't know where you are from, as you choose not to tell us !!

    Where I'm from Ontario C.W.B. Certification ,to Certify My Shop is:

    For 1-3 Weldors ......... $2,940.00
    Then every Second Year ....... $1,480.50 for Certified Weldors !!

    ............ Norm :