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Building gas tank

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  • Building gas tank

    I'm new at this tig welding but want to tackle this project anyway. I want to build a custom gas tank for the inside of the trunk of my '51 Hudson.

    1. Can I use sheet aluminum.

    2. If so, what gage and what type (number)?

    3. I read somewhere that just general driving stresses would cause the aluminum tank to eventually crack. Really? I thought welding aluminum would soften it rather than making it brittle.

    4. Could I do a flange of about 1/4" around the ends and then place the end caps on the inside of these end flanges and then weld to the flange?


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    Depends on how big ya want it but if you're goin' for 15-20 gallons then 1/8" sheet aluminum should do fine. Plan it out thoroughly such as deciding if you want baffles or a foam insert, and where and what style of sump you want.

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      It will be about 18-20 gallons.
      You answered the question of gage (1/8 th) but need more information as per the other questons and the type of aluminum.


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        standerd 4XXX series should be fine, as would most other grades.
        i'll see if i can dig you up a chart on aluminum alloy specs. you could ask on the miller moror sports board might get more tank builders for autos there that might even have some plans for you as well as more info.
        here is a link to it, lots of great people over there.
        thanks for the help
        hope i helped
        feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat. [email protected]
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          Fuel tank

          I 've been building 40,000 liter fuel tanks for seven years... Rough roads and pot holes don't matter. I worked for Columbia Remtec MFG, building fuel tankers, B trains, Semi trailers etc. All Aluminum fuel carriers are made from 5052 alloy, and are welded with 5356 filler metal, GTAW or GMAW. There isn't any tempering done on these alloys therefore the weld properties are similar to the base metal. As for thickness, The tankers I've built have a 1/4" bottom, and 3/16" sides and top. And, they hold 30 - 40,000 liters, or 7500 to 10000 gallons. Your fuel tank could easily be made completely out of 1/8" 5052 sheet. Pressure test the tank 3 to 5 pounds of air, or better, hydrostatic test it (fill it with water then pressurize it with air) to 10 psi, thas all the DOT requires for fuel tankers, so I've always applied it to the fuel tanks I build.

          Hope this helps you out.
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