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    I have a wildlife ranch in north east Texas and I'm looking at adding a few more box stands. Does anybody have "plans" for a 4x6 or a 4x4 tower box stand? I'll post current pics of my newest stands in the next couple of days to help give a better idea of what I'm looking for.


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    go to local hunting / sporting good store and copy measurements & desighns to help in your desighn . . look at several diffrent styles
    you can also take a few pics with digital camara, then you can look back at the pics on your computer if you cant remember later


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      why cant you just copie the stands you already have?? or are you looking for some thing new? wood or steel or aluminum??
      looking forward to the pic's.
      good idea checking out whats in the stores and taking along a dig. cam. most of the big hunting places even have a few setup in the store.
      thanks for the help
      hope i helped
      feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat. [email protected]
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        we make ours out of 3/4" square tube frame then add 18 gauge sheet metal for the sides for an everlasting stand. for the roof we got a roofing buddie to bend some interlocking panels of the same metal. next we put 3/4" foam board in the inside for insulation. i put shelves under all the windows and add afew hooks for bags and gear.
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