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miller bobcat on a hitch?

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  • miller bobcat on a hitch?

    I want to put my welder on a hitch. It needs to move up and down.

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    cool put up pictures when you are done!


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      do you mean put it on a frame that goes into a receiver tube hitch on a truck?if so should not be to hard of a fab job. just build a frame for it and put 4 jack legs on it. keep us posted thanks garth
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        I haven't looked real close at one, but you might take a look at the lift/carry devices for electric four wheel mobility scooters. They are about the same size and weight as a Bobcat. They're the closest commercially built item I can think of to get ideas from if you are wanting a single point lift.
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          You are going to want to see what the toung waight rating on your hitch is. it plays a key factor. You might need a bigger hitch. Anything is possible tho.


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            Yeah check your hitch class.

            I beleive standard ClassIII can take 350 pound tongue weight.

            If it is a 'weight distributing' Class III I beleive 500 lb. Be careful here as I recall this type of hitch works in conjunction with bars on a trailer to distribute the weigh thus increasing the Tongue Weight. The physical hitch under the vehicle would have 2 long bars that extend and mount forward of the rear axle.

            Also note that Tongue Weight would be weight measured on the ball in a normal mounting configuration. Moving the weight felt on the hitch farther back may decrease the rating.

            They make 'racks' that slip into a trailer hitch as you may know. I have one and rarely use it, because the ends 'droop' a bit from the weight.

            The more I think about what yer doing ... the more I think a trailer would be wiser.