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  • Custom Mail Box

    One of a kind pipe pieces were scrap from a local fabricator, Sheet metal was all hand bent and the flag was plasma cut out of flat steel. A lot of welding and grinding to blend the material to make it appear to be one piece. Numbers are a weldable cast steel. Decals were designed on computer and custom made at local company.
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    Looks real good now if the paper boy will just use his part That is a real nice job you deserve an ATTABOY now pat your self on the back.Well done!
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      Great Job!!!! The wife and I love it. Question, Where can I buy numbers and the circle like you have???Thanks in advance....
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        Awesome job. Nice to look at too. Looks like you fab'd the circle by making two 180 bends and welded them together. I can see there was a lot a work done.

        Thanks for the pic.


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          Ah...proof the one man's scrap is another man's mail box! Beautiful job! Is it painted or what material is it?
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            Here's one of my mail boxes. I can't seem to find the finished pics though.
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