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    Hi Guy's
    My boss just bought a Dynasty 700. I'm from the old school (airco)and have no idea how to make ajustments on this machine. Anyone have one and are proficient at using it maybe you could post some settings for me to try.

    The majority of my work is heavy aluminum (.890 joined to .250 thick)


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    You probably don't really need a machine that big...but you have it, so use it...

    Here's where I'd start out on it:

    Amperage: foot pedal, and whatever you need
    gas: 100% helium
    tungsten: 1/8" 2% thoriated

    80% background
    80% peak time

    Leave the wire in the puddle and give it a slow feed, while moving the torch in a steady speed...nothing but forward movement. The bead should come out with nice ripples (caused by the pulser), shiny in middle and having black on the sides of the weld. This black color will brush off easily, as it's just smoke. If you get the more expensive grades of helium, this black area will be reduced.

    You can also try the triangular wave form. It REALLY digs deep!! When I used the machine, I really wasnt on material thick enough to utilize it. The machine offers the clipped square wave, but I don't see any reason to ever use it.


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      There are many ways to adjust the Dynasty 700, however you don't have to get real technical to weld what you want to weld.
      Set your amperage to 300 amps and I'm sure that you are using a remote control so you will be in remote std. HF setting to Tig HF Impulse, Balance setting to 70 to 75% EN, Frequency set to 120 to 150Hz, make sure that your amplatude of your amperage setting is set even, by this I mean you should have 300 amps EN and 300 amps EP that way when you set your main amperage contron they will both track the same just make sure that the switch pad with the A is lit when you turn the knob.

      You don't need helium for shielding gas all you need is 100% argon after all you have 700 amps at your disposal.
      The other choice that you have is what type of wave form you want to use, Advanced Square, Soft Square, this is the defult, Sinusodial and Triangular, I would stay with Soft Square as this seem to wet out better in the toes of the weld and is a little slower as not to freeze as fast, hope this helps.


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        Thanks Eng. One of the benefits of the Dynasty 700 is I don’t have to use helium on the thicker aluminum any more.

        When they brought it in the first thing I tried it on was half-inch thick aluminum. I was amazed at how fast it melted & penetrated into it with straight argon.

        They had me try to weld a piece of 2 inch thick Aluminum but I kept getting a “plowing” effect. The arc was driving into the material with such a force that it created what looked like a plow, (plowing snow in front of the arc).

        This machine, the Dynasty 700, has unbelievable potential.

        Thanks Again


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          Thanks Mark,

          I am using the foot pedal. The guy from Miller who came in the day we got it said the “rule of thumb” is 2-1 EN – EP.

          I have been finding it better closer to a 3 – 1 ratio though. The soft Sq. wave is more to my liking for the wetting action and cleanliness. Although I can see the benefit of the advanced Sq.wave for fine tuning the bead width. It will make a big difference on the Aluminum tanks I weld.

          Thanks for the help