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  • Drumming Up Business

    I've just started my own portable welding and fabricating business and I'm thinking, what's the best way to drum up business. I'm an Alberta B- Pressure with about 18 years experience. Any ideas would be appreaciated.
    Always Have Fun.

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    Hand out lost of business cards, have pictures of your work to people and join something like the Kiwanis Clubs and network with other businesses.

    It's a long climb up the mountain of success, but you can do it!



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      Drumming up business eh

      Just be aggerssive and like jerry said have a lot of cards
      and dont take NO for an answer; BUT most of all dont get discouraged.
      I worked in alberta (Edmonton) in the early 80ties and I found
      a lot of shops would rather contract pipe work out.
      Like mastco derrick services and go getter welding
      challenger welding and antrim'll do ok if you have a
      go gettem attitude.


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        Hey Darmik I'm from the lower mainland. Been here in Alberta for about 5 years. Started my welding career in Richmond, then moved out to the valley. I must say that the standards out here are a lot stickier than B.C. Anyone can call themselves a welder out there, here it's a compulsary trade. Meaning you have to go to school and serve an apprenticeship. Not required in B.C. I did go to school at BCIT and I must say NAIT has it all over them. I left home for greener pasture in the oil patch. Much better money here, and a greater variety of job choices, hence why I'm starting my own business. Wouldn't happen at home. And I've upgraded my skills to take advantage of the Alberta advantage. Nuff said, when ya coming back.
        Always Have Fun.


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          B C Welder

          I had finished the last of my welding trade at kawntlen college
          in sept 01/06 went to ITAC passed the IP exam
          now I have my IP attached to my A ticket. I like the idea of
          going back there but still running the idea around in my head. There
          are things to consider like i have a house attached to my ***.
          I still keep in contact with a few of my old employers from edmonton
          they ask me to come back so at this time I dont know.How ever I said to floyed the last time I was out there you put me to work and made it hard
          for me to leave meaning he keept throwing money at me. he was sure mad
          that i had to leave. I do agree the Alberta system is far better as for training
          I did take the lonnnnnnng road to an education out here how ever
          I would say 60% of my training came from out there in Nisku
          I have an air brake course that i have to take in the next couple of
          weeks for my job after that the wife and I will reasess what we what to do
          with our lives. take care DARMIK


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            I started my own business (South Carolina, SEUS) about 4 months ago and have had great results by searching out high-visibility projects around my city that involve local governments and associations. Reduced pricing (without undercutting the other 3 local welding businesses too much) as well as doing quality work and keeping the customer happy (in spite of losing my butt a few times due to time/labor) have all helped jump-start my business. One of my first major projects was re-designing/rebuilding a handicap access railing/ramp for a local resturant; approximately 75-125 people see that railing every single day and even though I didn't technically make much money off of it, I've gained 7 new customers from that one project, and already 2 of those 7 have been repeat customers. GOOD LUCK!