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Welding galvanized steel ..

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  • Welding galvanized steel ..

    What precautions do you have to take? Is it good enough to do it outdoors while wearing a 2-cartridge respirator and using a fan to disperse the fumes?

    I'm talking about flux wire-welding fairly thin steel ... about 0.09" thick.


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    I would just weld for a few minutes take a break and drink lots of milk.


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      This would be a fairly short weld ... one linear weld about 65 inches long.

      What is the milk for?


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        Indoors with a fan and resp and outside with the resp would be sufficient. Milk is a remedy that will mask the exposure affects of the fumes. It will prevent or alleviate the upset stomach the most. Did it like that for many,many years with no side affects........................yet. Just don't breathe the smoke and you will be just fine.

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          I wear a 3M half face resipirator now if i do any...Bob
          Bob Wright


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            From an earlier thread:

            This is the full thread:
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              yep milk is a suprisingly simple and efective remedy or even just a precausion. eather way have i nice big glass when you are done. even if you dont get any exposer the milk wont hurt ya. GOT MILK...beter get some.
              thanks for the help
              hope i helped
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                Safety first - is your health worth the weld?

                Set up your work environment to minimize the health risks and get a resporator rated to take the toxins out of the air you are breathing.