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You might be a weldor if....

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  • YMBAWI you read half of this thread while waiting to file your unemployment claim.
    and YMBAWI you trained your wife to be on the look out for how many caps you put in the wash so that they don't make it in to the dryer, and give you the feeling that your eyes are gonna pop out of your head after
    American By Birth, Union by Choice!

    4th generation Pipefitters LU 537

    SpeedGlass 9000x Hood
    Miller Elite Titanium 9400 Hood


    • I'm not even much of a weldor...and I can relate to alot of these...

      You consider your scrap pile to be a retirement account...

      all the snot jokes apply to painters too (airbrush artist) candy apple blue metal flake effing ROCKS when you sneeze on some yuppie twit's white BMW..True story...the look on her face..almost like you wiped in on the drapes...


      • Originally posted by mudsplasher View Post
        You forget to wear your hat and the slag burns your hair.
        What. I aint got no hair left. I thought the problem was with the cap.


        • You wear the new carharrt shirt and jeans to church Sunday morning. And there's more soft ear plugs in the laundry room than soapstone.


          • Originally posted by zopi View Post
            I'm not even much of a weldor...and I can relate to alot of these...

            You consider your scrap pile to be a retirement account...

            ..True story......
            OMGosh yes!

            ...if you have tried to flip down your reading glasses with a nod, only to have them fall off your head.
            Just did that today.


            • YMBAWI... You go to tell the wife we need more coffee filters and you say we need to stockup on consumables for the coffee pot.
              [email protected]


              • Ynbawi

                YMBAWI You refuse to buy a Generator unless you can connect a + and a - to it.

                YMBAWI you know how to link up car batterys to burn some rod.
                Just cause I ain't old don't mean I ain't old school.

                "Never tell people how to do things. Tell them what to do and they will surprise you with their ingenuity."
                -Gen. George Smith Patton, Jr-

                If you don't like the sparks and flame you can always be a desk jocky pencil pusher.

                You soul better belong to jesus because your @$$ belongs to me.


                • YMBAWI you search the internet for foundry boots (no stores stock them) because you are tired of buying shoelaces... Because sparks from cutting heavy plate with your Miller Spectrum 1000 just destroyed even your rawhide laces!
                  XMT 350 w/ S-75 DXA Feeder
                  and a Bernard 300 gun
                  Optima Pulsing Pendant
                  XR-W wire feeder + Coolmate 4
                  with an XR-W Edge Gun

                  Passport Plus w/Spool Gun
                  Regular Passport

                  Dynasty 200DX
                  Trailblazer 301G w/Freak Box &
                  S-32P volt sensing wire feeder

                  Spectrum 1000 Plasma
                  Spectrum 375 Xtreme Plasma
                  Regular Spectrum 375 Plasma

                  Victor H315FC torch & accessories
                  Victor 100FC torch & accessories
                  Meco torch & accessories by Kent White


                  • redneck welder

                    You know your a redneck welder when your gear costs more than your house.
                    Dynasty 200 DX
                    Millermatic 211
                    Spoolmate 100
                    Hypertherm 30 plasma cutter
                    Chalanger 172 mig


                    • YMBAWI! All your tools and gear in your game box cost more than the truck the game box is in.


                      • YMBAWI your sitting at your boring desk job reading through all 59 pages of this post thinking "i wish i could just go weld and try out all these cool things :] "


                        • YmBaW- If when asked," What does Christamas, Thanksgiving, and 4th of July all have in common?" You instantly say Time and a-half!

                          "-If you can write your name using only a mirror!

                          "- if your burn marks are bigger than mine!

                          "- if people in church recognize when your near by the way you smell!


                          • Spatter Dance

                            You know all the steps to the "Spatter in the Workboot Dance."



                            • if your eyes hurt at the end of the day after doing arc welding with a shade 5 lense


                              • YMBAW if youve ever used the phrase "well..... welders get better penetration"

                                nothing fancy, just a few hot glue guns for metal