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You might be a weldor if....

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  • You might be a weldor if

    your wife says lets put a lil spark back in to our love life and you clamp your ground to her toe and your stinger to her ear and fire up the ole engine driven welder and then wonder if you have plenty of gas in it.

    You might be a weldor if

    while at church the collection plate comes by and you think to your self that looks like it would work as an end cap on that stainless project your working on after church
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    • Wow! 1000000+

      HEY ALL!!
      YMBAWI... you come back to this thread after two years to see that its still going strong... Hahahahahaaa!!!

      Keep up the good works y'all!
      Will it weld? I loooove electricity!

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      • You might be a welder

        Every burn scar on your body has a welding story with it.



        • Originally posted by Jerryrigger View Post
          Every burn scar on your body has a welding story with it.

          I have so many now I forget all the stories!!! When my arms get tanned looks like I have white freckles as does my neck (had some pretty bad ones there).
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          Colt the original point & click interface!

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          • You might be a welder...

            How about... Your snot is highly abrasive!


            • you might be a weldor if...

              found these on a webpage

              * you’re in the truck and halfway home when it finally dawns on you that you still have you’re tig gloves on
              * when working out at the gym, you spend more time examining the welds on the gym equipment than you do actually using the equipment
              * you examine the welds on a car to determine whether to buy it or not
              * the smell of argon and scorched clothing are nostalgic
              * you can tell what part of you is on fire just by the smell
              * your safety boots could be used for tap dancing because of all the molten metal imbeded in their sole
              * your jeans are starting to rust
              * you measure the rods you’ve burned in tons
              * everybody at the weld supplier knows you by the sound of your voice when you call
              * when you see a fire your first reaction is to put it out with your hands
              * you sit in the living room with a propane torch on the coffe table using it to make smores
              * you get splatter/grind dust in your coffee but you drink it anyway
              * you have the needed concentration to weld while wearing flip-flops!
              * your wife finds all of her pots and pans in one of your sculptures
              * you’ve ever set your Boss on fire
              * you can identify different stick electrodes by their smell
              * you have more welding hoods than your wife has shoes
              * you have done the one footed hop from the hot sparks that fell into your boot and down between your toes
              * your clothes catch on fire more than once a day
              * you have a completely different meaning for “It’s Miller time!”


              • Originally posted by Railmen View Post
                YMBAWI: your Buddy's in the fire dept. come to your garage fire that the next door neighbor set your shop on fire
                Your neighbor set you garage on fire on purpose?!
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                • boots

                  Might be a weldor if when you bought your new boots they werent steel toed but now are.


                  • you might be a welder if.....

                    You have a Miller sticker on your hard hat where most people have their name.


                    • you might be a welder if...

             read this in one sitting, and your wife thinks it is a waste of time.
             go to strike an arc and your cell phone vibrates at the same time.
             spend a few hours to post something new on this forum.


                      • ymbawi

                        the oven in your garage to keep rod dry cost as much as the oven in the house your wife cooks with. placed right next to the refer full of beer and junk food like frozen twinkies and frozen cup cakes. Double duty for the frozen cup cakes, using them on burns while they are frozen, then eat them after they warm up.
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                        yes I read the Miller Forum more than the Lincoln.

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                        -- Author Unknown


                        • ymbawi

                          -you have more invested in your shop & equipment than your house!


                          • you might be a weldor if

                            if come home with more steel, than you took to the scrap yard


                            • You might be a welder if.....

                              YMBAWI the MRI technician refuses to put you in the tube because of all the metal imbedded in your skin.

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                              • ymbawi------your toilet has tiny little rust specks around the rim

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                                a pen
                                and a nice chair