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You might be a weldor if....

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  • Originally posted by shorerider16 View Post
    I only break out the leathers for the really bad stuff.
    hmmmmmmmm, got me thinking now

    What else is there besides welding and riding. Besides that

    Miller Thunderbolt XL 300/200 AC/DC
    Hobart Handler 187
    Dewalt Chop Saw
    4" Air Grinder
    Die Grinder
    Rigid Drill Press
    Kellogg 10hp Air Compressor

    2009 FXDC


    • I went to the dentist and he noticed that my retainer was broken. I told him "eeh, I can weld that back together." The look he gave me told me that I must be a weldor. True story.


      • you can sell your burned up jeans at American Eagle for more than you paid for them. Ripped-up jeans are cool, you know


        • A girl asks you if you have been working out and you say no just working, I recently finished building 3 goosneck trailer steel tends to be heavy.
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          This is an automotive discussion forum that has some great infromation


          • you know your a Welder when you can desern a 32nd of an inch


            • you might be a welder if....

              u have more holes in ur pants than a gangster
              serious welder lol!!!!

              hobart 140 handler
              dewalt mitor saw
              makita grinder
              dewalt saw
              dewalt drill gun
              a nice hammer
              and some clamps


              • You might be a Weldor if you ...

                know the difference between a Welder and Weldor.

                can't wait for Saturday morning (early) to go weld.

                never get tired of watching the puddle.

                sit on this website for hours (OR maybe not).

                look at these silly posts and you 'get it'.

                forget from time to time that metal takes a while to cool.

                wish Miller would post details about their "projects".

                only look at the blue machines.

                wish they weren't so heavy so they'd fit in the sleigh better.

                look at the quality of the welds on the sleigh and know the difference.

                know that a cheater is a good thing.....


                • You might be a welder if...

                  Know the difference between a good welder and a not so good welder...
                  It is of course, about 100 miles of welding rod.


                  • You might be a welder if.....

                    YMBAWI You measure the rods you've burned in tons.

                    Ammonia refrigeration tech
                    Trailblazer 302 (yes, it's new)
                    Millermatic 180 w/Autoset
                    HF-15 High frequency
                    XR15 w/Push-Pull Gun
                    Victor O/A, DeWalt, North mask

                    "A professional knows what to do. A craftsman knows why."


                    • you might be a welder if you plastic siding rust.

                      i grind right by it and now its rust.

                      RED BIRD WELDING

                      "Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes"

                      Crappy stick welder
                      Victor supper range II
                      Makita grinder
                      more stuff i don't feel like listing.


                      • Don't know if anyone used this one yet or not...You might be a weldor if your wife tells you that you smell like a burned flesh and it's because you had the bright idea on a warm day to weld in a t shirt.
                        Bobcat 225
                        Radnor o/a
                        An assortment of
                        other tools and toys.

                        The one DANO!


                        • ha

                          Originally posted by Dustyhaze75 View Post
                          ha ha ha ha halarious.................I tell my wife not to use the dryer all the time lol. you might be a welder if you spend all day welding perverted stick men out of nuts and bolts......................lmao !!!!!!!
                          something like this.........

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                          miller elite inferno helmet
                          Millermatic 251/w spool gun
                          miller cricket 110v
                          miller syncrowave 300

                          lincoln 16 hp gen/welder
                          lincoln tombstone ac/dc
                          lincoln weld-pac 100

                          hypertherm 40x


                          • Originally posted by RTCmiller View Post
                            you can sell your burned up jeans at American Eagle for more than you paid for them. Ripped-up jeans are cool, you know
                            I wonder I could get anything for this jacket. Actually, I've got more than one.

                            Click image for larger version

Name:	jacket on fire.jpg
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ID:	503696
                            All will be revealed.


                            • Hmmmmm well lets see if this is as funny as I thought it was. I was in the hardware store going to buy a hoe the other day. While looking a it I hadn't noticed the price and I then looked at it and said for the price of this flimsy thing I can make one that will last 10 times longer than this so I whipped out my camera phone got some pictures of it I then told my wife lets go she said wheres you hoe I said I didn't get it she said let me guess you have another reason to stay in the barn, use up welding supplys, and go buy more of them???? all just to make a 10 dollar hoe I said yeah pretty much she just shook her head and rolled her eye's .


                              • Yea but I'll bet that hoe won't break easily, or wear out!