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  • Legend AE200 help

    A few months back I purchased a 1995 Miller Legend AE200 with an onan motor. It was sold by a large equipment dealer and was "inspected and repaired" by the company that sold it. Shortly after I purchased it (one week, 2 hours of operation), it stopped making a consistent spark and wouldn't charge the battery. I took it in to be looked at by a shop, and they told me that my magnets on the flywheel had let go and would need to be replaced. The total cost was about 2/3 of what I had paid for the unit and I couldn't justify spending the money. Is this something that a repair shop should do, or is it something that I can get the part for and do it myself? (I am fairly mechanically inclined.)

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    Winston, If you pay for shipping, I have a spare flywheel from an Onan Performer engine. Let me check first in the books and see if the one I have will fit. The one that I have is from a Legend with an 18hp engine. Let me check and I will get back to you. If you want to PM me I will give you my phone number to call.
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      It`s not hard to change,if you don`t have a puller use a small pry bar and put it behind the flywheel on the key way side.put light pressure on it and tap on the crankshaft with a hammer just be careful not to damage the threads putting the nut back on so it`s flush with the end of the shaft usualy works.