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English Wheel Plans from project Competition

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  • English Wheel Plans from project Competition

    I really like the bench top english wheel shown in the project competition. I was hoping the person who designed the wheel could contact me. I would like a set of measured drawings if that's possible. Contact me here or at my regular email address. [email protected] Thank you.

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    You might want to look at this place:

    I am in the midst of collecting the material to make my own E Wheel.



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      English Wheel

      I built one of the English Wheels from the plans shown on the following web site.
      Upper wheel is a bearing and I turned the bottom wheel from a section of Stainless Steel. Frame is 1x3 tubing. The bottom rectangle tube is 19". The upright tube is 8", and the upper horizonal tube is 13". I have no need for the wheel, but it made a interesting project.

      Was a fun project
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        English Wheel Plans Comp.

        I did a search of the archives and found the site you mention. I think it is just the plan for what I would need in my shop. Just another tool to add to the collection for when it is needed.


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          there are several sites out there that offer compleat kits with plans and the wheel and anvels, some offer a 2 sided setup with a planishing hamer on the other side. the hammer is just a mounted hand held impact hammer. the 2 realy go togather well and should be a pair, some sets make the 2 sets interchange so you can use the same frame and just change back and forth between the hamer and wheel.

          here are pic's of the one i made. i have not made the english wheel yet but will be making one with tractor bearings for the wheel insted of spending the big $$ for the ones from the sites. just goot to many things going on right now but i'll get back to it soon enough ... ...... i think.

          good luck on it and be shore to post up some pic's as you get it going.
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          thanks for the help
          hope i helped
          feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat. [email protected]
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            What kind of steel should the wheels be made from, something like S7 or O-1 or 1018?