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welding an air tank?

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    I saw a set up once with a gang of 3 old Argon/CO2 welding tanks set up for a air compressor.

    These tanks also were short a few holes for drains, outlets, inlets, relief valves, etc. The guy mounted them upside down in a rack with the outlets at the lowest point.

    Then, there was a reducing bushing, a nipple screwed in each one, and a few 'T's. The various 3rd points on the 'T's became outlets, inlets, cross overs, pressure sensor for the pump, and 'T's in the horizontal connecting pipes between the tanks had a relief valve, and finally a single drain outlet on the lowest point of one end. It was well thought out, and the manifold going across the bottom did everything it was supposed to do.
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      All im gonna say is if your welding in any good I would do it but I would use 3/16" plate. but I would have that thing tested to see if it holds up to 500 psi.