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Dynasty 300DX - advice/tips???

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  • Dynasty 300DX - advice/tips???

    New job/new shop, they asked what machine would best serve their purposes when it came to 10ga aluminum (some 16ga up to 1/4" here and there). I said the 300DX would really shine on the sheetmetal they want it used on. Shop foreman walked up yesterday and told me we're pickin' it up on Monday (insert happy dance here!), can anyone here offer some advice or tips on settings etc to get started?

    I might download whatever I can from Miller to study up on this weekend but need some real-world tech is needed too. Pretty sure they're gettin' whatever torch comes with the Tig-Runner package, I'd prefer a mini-rig myself as that's what I've been usin' the past 3 years on an old DialArc 250. Normal setup was 1/8 pure and 3/32 Lanthanated (gold) on the transformer but this is gonna be a whole different ballgame with the Dynasty.

    These are great people that I'm workin' for now, sure would like to show them they made the right decision by spendin' the $ and goin' for the Dynasty so any and all comments are welcome and appreciated.


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    You can't go wrong with quality equipment


    The only comment I have to offer is that you bought one of the best machines on the market. I got my Dynasty 200DX last year (after much research), and it does more then I will ever task it to do. I took a trip through your fabriction page - I'm sure you will figure it out in no time!



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      Well, I'm gonna lean on 'em hard to get that particular machine. The quality it's capable of should assure them plenty of satisfied and also return customers.

      Thanks for checkin' out my page, got gobs of new pics but just haven't sat down (in almost 3 years) and updated everything. Lookin' forward to revamping the look and addin eleventybillion pics


      ps: here's an update on my work car, 1/16 wall that I fought with a 70's DialArc and 1/8" pure.
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      my fabrication page