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  • Finned Battery Box

    I'm building a custom bike from a 1980 Sportster. I make products for custom bikes, but this is something that I did as a one-off for my personal project. It came out so well that I'm selling pre-cut kits, but there if you can cut and weld there is no reason you can't make one like this from scratch.

    The complete build up of this project is already on my blog, you can see it there.

    The basics are:

    First I drew up the concept in CAD:

    After tweaking a number of things I had the parts laser cut, cleaned up all of the edges and surfaces by sanding through 320 grit since I'm planning to have this chromed:

    Next I welded up the box itself, I used a cheap machinist's angle plate to keep the sides square:

    Crime Scene Choppers

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    The rest of the story

    Then I added the fins, using a spacer to keep them even. I originally designed in tabs and slots so I could weld it from the inside, but that really isn't necessary:

    Here is the completed box installed on my project bike:

    Here is the box back from the chrome shop:

    All the welding was done with my trusty Miller Dynasty 300DX, what a great machine.

    Joe at Crime Scene Choppers
    Crime Scene Choppers


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      That is sweet.

      That looks very good. Have you considered making a matching oilbag? That would be a nice combo with the speedline aircleaner too.


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        Really neat job. Creative
        HMW [Heavy Metal welding]


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          Great design ! You should market it!!