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    Hi to everyone. Glad to have found you. I've been enjoying reading through all the threads and I see some great stuff here. I've gotten several good ideas from you all but I'm looking for something specific I only saw a hint of. One of you, Charlie _ (?) I think, mentioned something about flower pot holders he's seen somewhere. I'd like to find some plans for them if anyone else has any information - the more the better.

    Looking forward to spending some time with you and sharing information and ideas. It's a goooood hobby!

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    Oh no! Mr. Bill!!



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      Welcome Charlie!!!! I can't help you when it comes to flowers pots..I got a neighbor i can hook you up with if you need to ask something about potheads or the proper way to hold pot Etc. I'm sure someone will have something on flowerpots or holders etc. again welcome and Happy Labor Day~
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        Welcome Mr.Bill,

        yes you can learn lots of things here. I hope you enjoy the Forum and all the great members. we all have fun here . Enjoy
        I think now is a good time to start making flower pot holders and have them ready for spring time. then you can plant and have a good growing season next year. I hope you find all that you are looking for.
        one idea is my Grandmother used to have a big cast iron pot half berried in the yard with flowers in it.

        also you could make a tubing frame with a big pot hanging from chains with the flowers in it. . kinda like a tubing frame that hold up a sign.

        also you could get some 1/2" rod and bend them in a curved shape with little hooks on the end.then weld them to the top of a pole all around the top and have lots of flower pots hanging at diffrent heights with all kinds of flowers in the pots. so you would have then in a circle all around the pole.
        I hope all this helps, sorry that I do not have any pictures. my Grandmother has passed and I dont have any pics. just telling you all this from mimory.




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          Boy that was a while back when Charlie and the group talked about Shepherd Hooks. Get yourself a 49 buck HF bender and some 1/2" burned circles from your local welding company, or i have sets of them for sale. Also join the yahoo ornamentiron group for some more ideas...Bob

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          Bob Wright


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            thanks guys

            I appreciate the input guys. If you come across anything more send it my way.
            Farris - ever get caught up in the second hand smoke there???


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              feel good

              Originally posted by Mr Bill View Post
              I appreciate the input guys. If you come across anything more send it my way.
              Farris - ever get caught up in the second hand smoke there???
              Sometimes I get to feeling better than I think I should and I blame it on the neighbors smoke coming my wife said i should quit complaining and enjoy it *LOL*
              Gone But Never Forgotten!