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  • im in a bind

    Hey guys

    im 15yrs old

    i bought my first mig about 3 yrs ago and i love welding. I've also gotten into cars. i getmy permit in 2 months i sold my 86 monte carlo and i dont know wether to buy a tig welder or a 4x4 truck. i live in jersey. my family has a 2wd 94 f150 pickup that i can have. i just dont know....tig or 4x4??


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    family truck

    take the family truck and be glad you got my opinion you're to young for a 4x4 ..If you get the 4x4 you may want to start driving and acting like a lot of the kids around here and that's not good*LOL* . running thru muddy fields destroying crops and messsing up their trucks etc. (plus the 4x4 will be more expensive to keep up) You don't have to impress no be happy with the family truck and try to take care of it and let the parents know you appreciate it by taking care of it.
    Save your money for the future unless you really need the tig now.
    just my opinion, Farris
    Gone But Never Forgotten!


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      I agree with Farris. I have two 4x4's and they are kinda pricey to maintain. (Gas prices) I don't reconmend you get atig welder cause you might discover that you absolutly hate to tig weld right after you blew a prety penny on a welder.


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        free is GOOD!!

        Take if from someone that has torn up front axles, go with the family truck. I dropped several HUNDRED dollars for a set of front wheel bearings (ok, sealed hub units) on my Dodge. And that was just parts! I didn't get my first wire feeder till I was 25. Stay with the machine you have already and master it. That will give you a good foundation to build your welding career on later in life. I'll give you this credit though....At least you know what a TIG is at 15! Keep learning as much as you can and save your money for later. Take care....SSS
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          hey guys thanks for all the help. its just welding has become an obsession


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            Originally posted by suicide machine View Post
            hey guys thanks for all the help. its just welding has become an obsession
            Yep, we feel your pain.
            Regards, George

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              Did you say a family truck you can HAVE? Is that free? If so, why not the truck and the welder. I don't think you will dislike tig.


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                Originally posted by wldrman View Post
                Did you say a family truck you can HAVE? Is that free? If so, why not the truck and the welder. I don't think you will dislike tig.
                I thought that was the original question. The free truck AND a TIG, or buying a 4x4 instead of getting the free truck.


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                  Why not take the truck and a welding/metal shop class. Save your money for something you'll know you'll like.


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                    you guys rock


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                      i'm in a bind

                      sucide machine ? not sure about that name but what the hey!
                      from and old f--t that has been there but is not going out yet/i understand/bought my first welder at 13 yrs and haven't backed up yet/ started my first real business at 14/ have worked for myself ever sense and don't regret a day of it/welding and the love of it paid for me to have a B.S. and an A.I.A. to day ( the draft in that time kept your grades up / just history )i wont even try to judge or sway you just say good luck think about your future and where you want to be in 20 yrs./
                      NOW ? this part you can blow away if you want/i bought equip and tools and worked on friends cars learning the trade & letting them pay me/yes they had the neet cars that went away but i had the equip 20 yrs later/still using it/
                      a 1961 international harvester 3/4 ton pickup was not a date getter but it looked like new and the girls loved it/long to short!!!/me i would buy the tig trick out the truck and let the 4 wheelers pay the repairs you do for them for your fun and education /you already have a mig and i just bought a dyn200dx
                      trying to learn the bells and whistles great buy at 60 yrs. old and still loving it
                      pat from texas
                      p.s. you are not in a bind you just have to lay back and think of where you want to go/ believe me you have time don't rush it you are smart you will get there


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                        Where are you at Pat? I'm glad to see there's a lot of welders here in Texas....the most manly of the states.
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                          I`am only 13 and I got my machine about 3 months ago I stared welding when I was 12 (a year ago) I learned on my cuz`s machine

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                            if your mom and dad are going to give you there family truck
                            what is there to think about ; take the TRUCK and buy a torch set Done.


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                              gotta be nuts to pass down a free tuck for a 4x4. for the money from the monte carlo, id put 1/2 in your savings account, and 1/2 for you to buy tools, metal, and whatnot. though if I had that kinda money on me id either buy nice millematic mig or a couple guitars. welding and guitars... great hobby
                              Yea, I am 7'2... No, I do not play basketball!