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    For many years I had dreamed of conquering the ultimate barbecue feat, spit roasting a whole pig. I started this project a year ago and was able to finish just before 4th of July, working here and there in the evening and weekends.
    There were very few complications when the day came and it turned out to be a great success. Im trying to figure out a better way to secure the pig to the spit, it bounced around a little too much.
    I think I redesigned this thing about 5 times.
    I used 2x2 by .083 steel tubing for the main frame, and 3/4 tubing for the coal pan framing and motor. I used 16ga metal for the skin on the coal pan.
    I used a large motor with a gear reduction to 6 rpm to turn the spit. The chain and gears are the same that you can get for a CR50 dirtbike.
    This thing was fairly expensive to build, about $800(motor was expensive). If you look at some that are sold for $2500, I guess its not that bad though.
    Overall this was very fun to build, and I would recommend anyone who has a love for barbecueing give it a try. This would not let me post many pictures, if anyone would like to see more just let me know.
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    Nice looking roaster you have there. We just roasted two pigs Sept 17. We roasted one on a rotiserrie a friend of mine owns which is made from a stainless steel parts washer. I made the other one earlier this year. Sorry I don't have a very good picture of it.

    You can take a look at which has some pics from last year. The site should be updated soon with some pics from this years roast.

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      just a few more


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        oops had to change out my keyboard drooled all over it, i'm going to the fridge
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          Missing Item

          One very important item missing from both of your designs. Finger guards around the chain drive. It may be moving slow but those gear drive motors wouldnt even notice if your kids finger got in there.



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            chicken wire

            i hope that chicken wire around the pig is not galvanized. could make you sick.


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              I made a basket to hold the pig in my sons roaster. It is made with 3/4"x .035 SS tubes left over from a heat exchanger build.
              The motor is a 2 rpm Dayton gearmotor from Surplus Center $87.00.
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                These are some sweet roasters. I always thought about putting a rotisserie in my smoker. I am getting ready to build another smoker so maybe I will put one in it.

                I have heard about 2 RPM is about right for this. I don't have a clue, just what I heard..
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