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  • Tungsten grinder

    Has anyone purchased or used the new power point portable tungsten grinder. Kind of looks like a dremel tool. Any reviews available??
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  • #2 has one called the sharpie that is like that and it has gotten good reviews.
    lots like to just use a dedicated grinder, right now i use a belt sander but am saving up for the sharpie. i have herd lots good about it and it replacement disks are cheap and 2 sided for longer life. i would buy one with confidence. in its $$ range its good to go. : Page Not Found - Connectors, Cable, & Adapters MIG Guns, Feeders & Parts Plasma Arc Cutting Plasma Arc Welding Purge Gas Equipment Remote Amperage Controls TIG Torches & Accessories Tungsten Electrodes Tungsten Electrode Grinders Water Coolers, Coolant & Parts Gas Flowmeters, Heaters, Mixers Stick Electrode Holders Shop Tools & Storage Apparel, Helmets & PPE Oxy Fuel Cutting & Welding Ground & Work Clamps TIG Welding Filler Rod Close-Out Products Welding Machines & Upgrades Weld Tables JIG & Fixturing Tools Automation & Positioners
    thanks for the help
    hope i helped
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