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building a go-cart

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  • building a go-cart

    My 10 year old son started building a go cart this year and started to learn how to weld. He does a great job.
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    excellent job getting the younger generation into the shop! thoes memories will stick with him forever! some of my fondest memories are in the shop with Dad. i try to get my girls into the shop as much as possible it does kill production but it's important to make time for them! i salute you and your son, rember to post pics of the finished product!!
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      I agree. I bring my son into the shop and let him weld, plasma cut & run machines. He loves it. I hope he keeps loving it. There's nothing like the look on thier faces when you say " Watch out you don't get shocked!"

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        A man teaching his son a craft, "priceless"! Enjoy your time together, soon he will be a man and things of the world will take center stage.

        Keep us up on the progress, OK


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          Keep it up, that's really great. I don't have any kids of my own yet, but I have fond memories from my childhood of following my dad out to the garage to help with his projects. I still love working with him to this day and I'm 27 now. Really I have no better friend than my dad.