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Welding a Loader Bucket

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  • Welding a Loader Bucket

    I have got a job welding 2 large cracks in a front end loader bucket. Anyone have a suggestion on the best way to tackle this? My two thoughts are 1.. Plasma cutting the area's out and welding in new material or 2 welding a patch on the back of the bucket and then welding the crack back togather. The crack's are located right at the deep part of the bucket. Just before the radius. This bucket is big enough to hold a hot tub party in when finished.

    Thanks for the Help

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    Re:Welding a loader bucket

    I would go with the patch on the back and then weld the crack. The important thing is to vee the crack out and get a solid weld penetrating into the patch and coming all the way out. The patch will help reinforce the area since it is obviously taking a lot of stress. Hope this helps!


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      Drill the Crack?

      Is it recomended to drill a hole at the ends of the cracks to stop any further cracking in the future?


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        Just something to keep in mind. Depending on how big the patch plate is, you may need to drill through the bucket away from the crack so that you can properly bond the two surfaces. The holes give you access to weld the bucket side of the plate. Weldings version of a rivet, I guess you could call it. Also, is there any hard surfacing on the bucket that will need attention when you are done with the patch?
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