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Comparion between Miller and Lincoln TIG Welders

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  • Comparion between Miller and Lincoln TIG Welders

    Can I get your comments on the comparison between:
    1. Miller Syncwave 200 and Lincoln TIG 225.
    Thks WR
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    Both machines are closely matched. These are a few facts about the Syncrowave that in our opinion out shine the competition
    1. The Syncrowave 200 Has a 20% duty cycle at full out-put (200 amps)
    2. It has a fully adjustable pulser with pulse frequency up to 15 PPS.
    3. It has a digital display allowing you to create/follow welding procedures
    4. It requires 208-230 volt input with a 60 amp time delay fuse or comparable breaker at Rated Out-put
    5. It meets Class H for 3rd Party UL/CSA Certification
    6. It has a fully adjustable balance control used in aluminum AC TIG welding
    7. It features auto post flow or adjustable manual post flow control if you desire
    8. It offers Syncro-Start Technology offering 3 starting levels (soft, medium and hot) on TIG starts
    9. It sports a great MILLER BLUE paint job

    If any one wishes to discuss a comparison in detail, please feel free contact us at
    or 920-954-3615
    Kirk W.
    Weld Engineer
    Miller Electric Mfg. Co.


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      The Syncrowave requires a 60amp breaker and the 225 requires a 50amp. The 225 also has a fully adjustable AC balance and a pulser.
      The Syncrowave has 5-200amps output & the 225 has 5-230amps output.
      I would get the 225 cause I don't have the amps for a Syncro and and Lincoln is only a hour drive if I have a problem with it.


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        Let’s make sure we are comparing apples to apples on what the machines draw at what out-puts. Amperage draw is based at what is called "Rated Out-put". Our rated out-put is 150 amps, theirs is 90 amps. And check the literature on the Lincoln regarding their pulser. The Syncrowave 200 allows an operator to adjust the peak time, background amperage, and pulse frequency (PPS). The pulser on the Syncrowave has a digital display, allowing a person to write/follow a weld procedure, or just tune it back to previous parameters.

        Again feel free to write or call us at

        Kirk W.
        Weld Engineer
        Miller Electric Mfg. Co.


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          Just another reason why Miller, Hobart and Lincoln should give amperage draws at maximum in addition to (or instead of) an arbitrary "rated output," which isn't always consistent between the manufacturers, even on machines in the same class, as witnessed here. Duty cycles at a "rated output" are fine for comparison purposes, as USUALLY the arbitrary ratings are consistent between the manufacturers.

          But, it is very common to have to do the linear interpolation to answer questions, especially since we also see problems (especially with Lincoln, but some with ITW) with electrical recommendations found in the manuals.


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            Thank-you for your responses based on all of the information I have collected I will be purchasesing a Syncrowave 200.


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              I came to conclusions I'm geting the Dynasty 200.


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                I think you both will be happy with your purchases. Good luck
                HMW [Heavy Metal welding]


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                  Hopefully I end up getting before I graduate from High School.