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Suitcase wire feeder welder questions

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  • Suitcase wire feeder welder questions

    I'm looking to purchase a suitcase for an upcoming job, it will be powered from my Trailblazer 325. I think I'm wanting the 12vs model. I wanted to hear some feedback on anyone who owns one, and any cons to them? How does it perform with flux core? I'm going to be fabricating/constructing a 36x48 custom barn on site. I'll be dealing with 1/4" wall material, I beam, and purlin. I'm trying to cut down on build time from using the stick. It'll be much faster to start tacking it up and then run all the welds. The other question I have, because it's outside, I need to use flux cored wire. Is there a certain kind/brand that works good for all position? I need to be sure theyre good solid welds and look real decent. Would the gas shielded flux core even be an option to run outside or will I just waste the gas? Thanks for the help!

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    A vs is fine, May want a 8vs less weight to tote around.
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      When I was in welding class, we used only dual shield wire for flux core welding. You had to make sure to keep the curtain closed in the welding booth to keep the shop cooling fans from blowing away the gas and causing porosity. I guess it depends on how much you can protect your welding area from the wind.


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        Gas shielded flux core is a bad idea for outdoor use unless you have the ability to block wind/breeze. I have used alot of Lincoln Inner Shield NR-211MP. It's designed for thinner steel unless you go to 3/32 (if I remember correctly). I think the .045 can run well on + .250". Dont forget to drag with flux core unless you are running vert up and run a bit longer stickout. I have ran a small mountain of Lincoln Outershield 71 3/32" with CO2 and can say without a doubt wind/breeze will equal porosity.


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          Suitcase wire feeder welder questions

          Sorry but disagree. I run a wire feeder all the time for outside work. Personally I'm running a LN-25, kinda bulletproof, with Big 40 D but Miller makes good feeder also.
          But for me I run Excel Arc 71 Dual shield with75-25 gas 95% of the time!!!
          I keep flux core in trailer and it stays in trailer unless weather is extremely bad.
          Ran .045 dual shield today for couple hrs welding 3/4" steel with constant breeze & no problems.
          In most cases if windy I just use my free hand & glove to shield weld with no problems. It's designed to use in these conditions and will give you a much better weld than flux core unless conditions are really bad. It's my go to wire for most all my outdoor work.
          Just my opinion. Greg


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            Thank you for the feedback, I'll be pulling the trigger in the next 2 weeks on one. I was thinking about the 8vs so handling would be easier. But want to be sure it'll still handle large wire through it. Are the internals the same as the 12, and just smaller case or is the capabilities also less?


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              Ok here's another I said before a bit of the structure is 1/4" wall, then I have "clips" small flat plate 3/16" thick to weld onto the structure to weld the purlin which is about 14gauge. Will I be able to run .045 wire for everything and just run dif parameters on the welder? I assume so. That's what I do on my shop mig, but wasn't sure if it being flux core might change any of that?

              Any other tips on using flux core? It's fairly new to me, I got a free spool of .030 from my local Airgas to test on my shop machine, surprisingly I was able to get it to lay really nice. Still testing it for what I need it for.


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                Suitcase wire feeder welder questions

                I have never used dual shield wire, but flux core wire I have. To me, it seems to burn a little hotter than solid wire, but you have the flux and spatter to deal with. So if that's not a big deal to you, should be fine. I only keep flux core around the shop for the times I have to work outside and away from the shielding gas. Sounds like there are some guys with a ton of experience with it. I generally try to use a pull angle with the flux cored wire, just because it seems right, as with dragging a stick rod. But it's just a little quirk I have, might not even be a real concern.