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Steamer in a truck

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  • Steamer in a truck

    This old pup is going in an insulated truck body. 500 gallons of water on board. Steamer is slang, really a hot hi pressure washer.
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    If you don't mind me asking, what are your intentions for a portable wash truck other than the obvious.

    I also have a hot water pressure washer, I'm always amazed at what my customers bring me, they bring tanks that are covered in grease oil and dirt and let me know there's a leak some where.

    I love getting paid $ 100.00 hr to pressure wash, when they ask why it was so much to repair I let them know it took 1/2 hr to clean, 1/2 hr to remove the gas or diesel out of the tank, 15 minutes to purge and 10 minutes to weld.


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      A steam cleaner on heavy equipment is a must.


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        I am not sure exactly what I am going to do. This is a small unit but was pretty much free. I would have went up a size if I bought new. It should really make it hot though but am having a problem with the no flow yet. I got all the leaks fixed which I should have done earlier.
        I wash so much and missed not having a portable and the last winters were very bitter, all the steamers in the area were tied up and I wanted to dig in frozen ground.
        I need to do the no flow, wire the burner permanent, replace a kill switch and finish the burner exhaust. I only put 100 ft of hose on, if I was out working all day would have used 150.
        I am taking it to Buckley old eng show.
        I really should be out chasing some work since the economy is doing well. I might do it if I bring on some office help.
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          What model washer did you get? Get a pic. I built half a dozen of these earlier, a couple I copied the same design and had a pile of parts. This is almost painful, if a guy is busy would pay to buy all he could. I found about 90% and repaired most of it or had it apart before I replaced a couple of things. I had intended on buying a bit more but some more pieces came.
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