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Can someone tell me what this is ??

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  • Can someone tell me what this is ??

    Hey guys and gals, I'm new here, my name is Randall and hope to learn much from this site. So, to start off, I have recently been trying to learn how to weld and I am a newb. A friend of mine has like a galvanized steel ramp and I was wondering if someone here can tell me what it is and where I can buy one. I have already asked my friend to sell me his but he does not want to part with it. I have a bbq pit/smoker project that I would like to start on to cook a bunch of briskets or a whole hog and a ramp or grate like this is just what I need. Hope someone can point me in the right direction. Well, since I'm new, maybe I cannot add pictures so if you go Here: and here: you can see what I am talking about. Thanking you in advance.

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    it does look like galvanized and bbq pits and galvanized metal should never be combined . eat enough of the meat cooked on it and it can do some bad things to you if not kill you.never cut galvanized metal in doors unless you have a really good blower. best bet is to man up and get some regular iron for the cooker


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      Can someone tell me what this is ??

      I concur with Tommy, galvanized would probably not make a good flavoring for your tasty outdoor culinary creations.

      Zinc oxide, I believe, is what the galvanizing stuff is made of mostly. Cut it, weld it, breathe it....bad bad. It's called metal fume fever, or so the poison control folks call it. Got it twice, the second time I almost went to the ER, that's when I called poison control and asked. Every single symptom she listed I had. The old timers will tell you to drink milk before you cut or weld it. Seems to work, to be honest with you, as I haven't had it since I held to that rule.

      I'd stash that piece behind the barn or take it to the scrap yard. Get a piece of 9 ga expanded metal, you'll be happy with that.


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        It looks like a distillation tower tray used in petrochemical plants. do not use for bbq pit.