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Gooseneck trailer build please help

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  • Gooseneck trailer build please help

    Im new here so I'm sorry if this has already been talked about. If so a link would help a lot any help would be nice. I buought a 35' bumper pull old trailer house that was built in the 50's it is make from 2"x7"x3/16" tubing. I will try and get a pic posted. I have a set of 7k disk brake used axles for another trailer that I upgraded axles I might use them or buy 8k spring for them. Before I got the trailer to my shop my plain was to make it a 35'x8.5' deck over gooseneck with 1 1/2x3 tubing cross members on 24" center, 10" channel for the neck, 6" c red iron for the floor. But this frame has a lot of flex up and down. So I thought would just put 6" flat plate on the side of the tubing and a 2" plate on bottom as a bridge to get the flex out. Because the 1st plan was that it was only going to be a toy hauler (rzr's and quads) and not weight 8k only trailer. But I would like to haul a skid steer or small trackor. So I really need to be able to haul 10k on the trailer. And I dont think the tubing with the bridge and plate on the side would be stronge enought to hual 10k. What do you guys think? I was thinking my other option was to run 8" c channel or 10" around the tubing or just forget about this frame. Get some 10" 12# lb I beam and just build a new main frame with it. I also was thinking if I went with the i beam it would be easier to hydr dove tail the back. Or I could use channel in the back for the dove tail part. Please help if you can sorry for the long post. I will take text or email or call or post on here any help thanks 5807362529 [email protected]