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    Plug the neutral directly from circuit to motor (as every 115v appliance i can think of is) and then if you can't return that pricey drum switch try it like that.Click image for larger version

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      Alright, so here's what a did. I don't completely understand the role of the #5 terminal on the motor or why I needed to plug into it, but I took y'all's advise and wired like you suggested and BAM! It works. I let it run on the bench for about 20 minutes each way and it didn't catch fire, so thats good. So far, I've wired up the motor I've been bench testing, which is identical to the motor on the fan already. So I'll stick with it. I wired in the shutter motor and tomorrow I'll run the permanent wires to the fan motor. I appreciate all the help gents!! I'm still irritated that the wiring diagram that came with the switch and motor didn't help much, which is pretty much why I chose this combination with the help of the Grainger salesman. I'm sure he thought it would work too. Thanks again!! Below is the diagram:
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        Outstanding! Nothing like finally having sweet success on something that just should have worked but didn't. I agree about the motor--dont understand how it's wired inside, but I guess it doesn't matter as long as it finally works. I suspect this motor was designed to be simple to reverse with a DPDT toggle switch, and when a "normal" reversing approach was tried, it wouldn't work. Would have been nice if the Grainger guy would have known that. Anyway, congrats on the nice clean air you can now have in your shop!