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SWAG Off Road HD Finger Brake Project

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  • SWAG Off Road HD Finger Brake Project

    Before I started I had a question for SWAG about the fit up of the angle to the base on the HD Finger Press. Troy responded the very next morning and said to grind the spine of the angle as necessary.

    I then placed my order. Shipping was very vast via USPS. SWAG manages to fit 90% of the kit in one flat pack! The other 10% is shipped in a small USPS box the size of a book.

    Two pix are attached about grinding the spine, since I think this is an important step. I did it by hand with a 4 ½ “ grinder and a file. Took my time and checked flatness with a straight edge. I stopped short of grinding it to the point where the legs of the angle iron would touch the base. Instead, I left a very small gap so that I could position the angle iron so that the fingers seat in the crotch of the angle iron while the flat on the spine makes good contact with the base.

    I MIG tacked the angle iron in six places. Then I TIG welded the entire length on both sides of the angle iron. This was the first time I TIG welded such thick material. Having access to a 200 DX (not mine) made this part of the job the most fun. I ran beads of about 2” long and then turned the angle around and welded the most distant part on the other side, and so on.

    The kit comes with tubes and guides for making repeatable bends in metal. I prepared all the parts as instructed but did not install it because the notched indexing plate needs to be welded in place. I did not want that permanently sticking out in my garage space.

    Lastly, there is a locating collar into which the press’s shaft fits. I did weld it but incorrectly located it and had to grind it off. While I can re-weld it, I’m inclined to leave it off as I don’t see it as necessary.

    Comment on HF Press Arbor Plates:
    I bought an HF 20 Ton press for use with this brake. I had some concern about the black painted cast iron arbor plates. However, last night I read a post by someone saying the new HF presses now use steel plates. So, I took a closer look at the plates and, voila, plasma cutting marks!

    Final Comments:
    I am happy with this press. It is a righteous machine. As for SWAG, I would not hesitate to buy other products from them.
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    Man, that thing is beautiful. If i knew Swag had one, I would have saved a bit of effort five years ago when I built my own DIY version, documented right here on Millerwelds.
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