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    Hello I have an idea concerning lincoln made products maybe at the wrong page for this lol but everyone correlated with this website seems excepting of foreign ideas! I would love to be able to piece together an old 1948 Lincoln short hood but only using the frame! For.all mechanical and electrical components would be from other engine drives. To start I would like to keep the old armature assembly from the 48 along with the frame if the armature is salvageable, then place an older diesel engine in place of the old continental engine. Howevermy main consern if you may is I also want to put the new Lincoln reactor from the sae 300 and incorporate that with the short hood frame do I have room? I am well aware the reactor is rather large, also can I wire this in to an old armature. I am just seeking advice or tips from many others if possible to see if its a plausible idea thank you for any feedback!