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    I picked up a side job from work about fixing a drawer for them. I am a welding student looking for practice so this is good. It is a ss drawer that pulls out and it is supposed to have a back plate stop so the wheel stops at that point. I'm going to have to cut out about a 3/4" or 1" piece of ss and weld it on the end. Problem is it being so thin (16/18 gauge) I would like some opinions on what type of wire I'd need. .023 .030 .035? Click image for larger version

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    If you can find .023 SS wire go for it. If not use what you can get...Bob
    Bob Wright


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      Originally posted by aametalmaster View Post
      If you can find .023 SS wire go for it. If not use what you can get...Bob

      My point was that we need more info before we can give him the best advice..
      the stuff could be paper thin or maybe 1/8th inch... as it stands.. we have no way of knowing..

      BTW... .023 308 SS is readily available..

      Use with a tri-mix of 90% Helium, 7.5% Argon, and 2.5% CO2 shielding gas. Features a standard center mounting hole measuring 5/8" in diameter. Our ER308L stainless steel MIG welding wire works great in spool guns. Please note that our stainless steel MIG welding wire is precision layer wound rather than random wound; M

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        Originally posted by H80N View Post

        My point was that we need more info before we can give him the best advice.

        But he gave us a picture
        You are right and the bad part is all of the tacks/weld are on the outside of the corner. Which over time and pulling/slamming the drawer out to the stops it will just break off again...Bob
        Bob Wright


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          He could always shorten the pull of the drawer by an inch with a block welded or riveted in. It might last longer.-Meltedmetal


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            I do a lot of ss work for the Wendy's resturants near me and its all thin gauged stuff.i use .23 or .30 wire.. also a lot of the welds tend to break a year or so later and I just go back and re teck is nice but it'sbrittle and does crack a lot on stuff that is slammed around being cleaned and opened and closed all the time.