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Got some huge transformers! Will they work?

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  • Got some huge transformers! Will they work?

    I got these from a street light that fell over and am wondering if I can make a welder with them. I'm not sure if they are 220 or what anybody know if and how I could wire them up? Thanks!
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    Light Ballast transformers are very custom application devices

    Find the manufacturer's name and part number if possible and look it up. But.. I would suspect those are high pressure sodium light ballasts...

    Here is a link to such a device ... picked one of the larger ones at 1 kw... secondary open circuit voltage .. 435 volts.. secondary current 7 amp category...

    typical spec...

    Very dangerous output voltages and not enough current capability..

    Suggest you sell the copper and put that return toward a proper welder.. Also I can see impact damage to some of the windings...
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      Was it your street light? the city or power company may be looking for it. Just sayin...Bob
      Bob Wright


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        It will be cheaper to buy a used welder


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          It's not a welder, likely won't ever be a welder. Re purposing it as a boat anchor might work.
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            never thought I'd be more inclined to view a 120v welder/trailer thread until now.
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              Transformers = Bad Idea

              In the interest of life safety you should scrap them. Transformers are either step up or step down voltage depending on the windings and configuration. They are design specific. I have a much longer real life story about 480v street lights from when I worked for the power company in Jacksonville, Florida if you want to PM me it was literally a shocking story.