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Gradall bucket re edge.

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  • Portable Welder
    Admweld, Nice picks of the ditching bucket, By the way I like that fancy dancy ground clamp.

    Curious what your using the 12" blower tube for, my guess is to pull the smoke away or out of the building.

    I have 2 of those blowers and they work great.

    When trying to purge a flammable tank with those fans, always make sure the fan is on the outside pushing fresh air in, never place the fan inside the tank and pull the flammable fumes out, the motor brushes could cause an explosion.

    I work on a lot of on site storage tankers that hold up to 14-15,000 gallons, so we use them for purging purposes before we go inside to weld, they can replace the air in a tanker every 1 minute so they are very effective.

    I'm sure you know this but wanted to throw it out there for every one to read.

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  • admweld
    started a topic Gradall bucket re edge.

    Gradall bucket re edge.

    6' bucket i re edged this morning.Edge is 1"x8" welded with Ultracore 71A85 wire.
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