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Custom Pliers for Shrink Fit Plug

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  • gnforge
    Custom Pliers for Shrink Fit Plug

    Don52; nice work, if Ya can't buy it or to costly, just make it. That's what I love about this work.
    In days past the local Blacksmith made 99% of all his tools. The good ones even made there own hammers. They had a complete shop full of custom tooling.
    Nice work

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  • Don52
    started a topic Custom Pliers for Shrink Fit Plug

    Custom Pliers for Shrink Fit Plug

    At work we needed to install a shrink fit Delrin (Acetal) plastic plug into a manifold.
    We needed an accurate way to hold the plug, while immersed in the liquid Nitrogen and also when we inserted it into the manifold. The solution that we came up with was:

    • Drill and ream a mild steel bushing to the size of the plug
    • Cut off the end of a pair of needle nosed pliers
    • Weld the bushing to the end of the pliers.
    • Use an abrasive cut of wheel to split the bushing in half.

    The process that we used was:

    • Insert the plug into the pliers
    • Immerse the plug and end of the pliers into the liquid Nitrogen until the plug and the end of the pliers were close to the temperature of the liquid Nitrogen (-320 °F).
    • Using the pliers insert the plug was into the manifold.
    • Hold the plug in place until the plug warms up to the temperature of the manifold.

    Everything worked out as planned and was uneventful, which is the way I like it.

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