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  • trailer tongue repair

    Hello all. New to site so forbear if I use bad etiquette and stuff. A friend of mine recently gave me a 5 ton hudson brother trailer as payment for a whole Lotta work. It had been wrecked and the tongue was bent in about a foot In along with the frame about 3 inches back from the front. Axles ok. Deck needed replaced. Well I probably should have junked it but decided to try and repair tongue . Cut frame about 7 inches back, fabbed tongue in shop to give myself only 2 position welds. Root pass with tig. Back ground and covered with 7018. 100 percent. (With oven stored rods. ) plated channel with 1/4 x 4" centered for xrta strength. Anything I need to add? Shouldn't have done? Nothing done with a pocket MIG by the way. Any out of position was 7018.
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    Yes, If you would have laid the 1/4" x 4" flat on the bottom of the channel and welded it, it would have been stronger.

    Putting it in the web gives very little strength compared to putting it on the bottom.

    The center of the channel is neutral and doesn't have much in the way of compression or tension on it.

    I'm not saying what you did will fail, I'm just letting you know what a stronger design is.


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      Thank you. Do you mean underneath as I did on the top side? and if so would it be best to center it or favor to the Web side?


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        On the top you have it standing on edge, for the bottom I would lay it flat verses on edge so the 4" is horizontal.