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  • Broccoli1
    I imagine you'll exceed the payload for that F350 if you build the camper frame out of steel, with everything else that will be added to it.

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  • H80N
    Steel Framed Camper Build...

    Here is an interesting build thread...

    It is for a Unimog... but most of it could apply to your F-350...

    Frame Build

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  • H80N

    You might look over the Glen-L camper plans for some ideas...

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  • freefly23
    started a topic Truck Camper Project

    Truck Camper Project

    Hi everyone, hope you are all doing well. I'm new to welding and have just discovered this forum.

    I was wondering if I could get some help with a truck camper I wanted to build. I was going to mount this camper on the back of a 1999 F-350 chassis. I found a few articles online including this one:!

    At the end I need to build a frame much like the truck shown in the link I posted above. Does anyone know what thickness steel tube I should use? The truck has a payload of 3500 lbs so the structure need to be able to support at least that much.

    Lastly, how should I go about putting the base (bottom) frame together. Looking at the truck from the back. I'm going to refer to the steel tube that goes from the port to starboard side of the truck "stringers." I was told the tube that goes from front to back are called "runners."

    So with that in mind, should I have solid stringer tube and weld the runner pieces in between the stringer or have solid runners and weld the stringer pieces in between the runners?
    Or should I be putting the stringer on top of the runners? I do plan to have an overhang.

    Thanks for your help!