We needed to test the cord grips of our product for pull out force for the Technical Institute for Industrial Safety (TIIS), which is the Japanese agency similar to our Factory Mutual. The test is to pull on a steel rod that simulates the minimum size that the cable can be to demonstrate with that the cable won't pull out of the cord grip for a specified force. I made a rod that had all of the cable sizes that we needed to test. I welded it to an existing pipe with a eyebolt on it to hang the weights. To past the test the cable can't slip more than 6 mm in six hours.

Picture 1 shows the cord grip in this case a Rox type mounted on the bracket, which was hung on a column. In the picture you can see the rod in place and the weights hanging on the rod. In this case a Ø .260" rod was used to simulate the smallest size that the smallest cable can be. The force is 30 lb.

Picture 2 shows a close up of the Rox type Cord grip with the rod protruding from it.

Picture 3 shows a close up of my weld.

Picture 4 was taken is a little further back

Picture 5 shows the entire rod.

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