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Bale Cart Rebuild

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  • Bale Cart Rebuild

    This is a prototype self loading bale cart that was built by DryHill MFG. It holds 21 bales in two parallel rows. The first load was heavy, wet silage bales and the frame gave out when it was dumped. The bed collapsed down on the frame and bent or broke nearly every piece of tubing on the cart! They are 600 miles away so they payed me to rebuild it with heavier steel then they copied my design. The frame rails were 3x5" 1/4" wall tubing. Now it has 3x8" 3/8" wall tube. Two solid 38' pieces! After it was done I painted it with automotive grade eurathane.
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    Ready for paint

    Ready for paint!


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      Finished! I wish I had a good overall picture. I was taking closups for the MFGer and didn't really get an overall picture of the implement.
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        I have spent a lot of time running a highline bale hauler . The pickup fork is going to break. It just fatigues from all the use.

        Your repair looks good. The break was pretty substantial!
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          Great job.
          Their original build was way too light weight huh?
          Betting you'll have more calls from them.


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            They had been building a shorter version for quite a while that only hauled 14 bales. They got the bright idea to stretch it and haul20 with same frame material. Failed!


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              Beautiful work!!

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