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Manure Application Distributor Boom

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  • Manure Application Distributor Boom

    I built a few of these to more evenly distribute the manure when it is spread in the field. Has air ride and all the hydraulics and electronics are enclosed in the boxed frame. Folds to road width when out of the field. The second hinge point/fold mechanism was the most time consuming, with all the compound angles! I have built and designed many pieces of farm equipment over the years if y'all get tired of seein it let me know!
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    Alot of interesting farm equipment your build and repair. Is that your own farm or do you just do alot of farm work in your area?


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      I was a partner in a custom manure application business for 10 yrs. I bought my first welder when I was 16 and my first tractor when I was 19. I welded in the summer and winter when the manure hauling season was slow. There are approx. 15000 dairy cows in a 12 mile radius from me. There are many more large farms in the Thumb area of MI. So no, these are not pictures at my farm I only own 9 acres! Most of the work I do is farm equipment tho.
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