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  • Cut Off Saw?

    I'm currently using a Ryobi 14" cut off saw with an abrasive blade. I'm looking at getting a new cut off saw. I'm particular interested in moving up to using a metal cut off blade and I need a saw that will do clean and consistant mittered cuts. So I looking for an easy to adjust and accurate fence. I'm currently looking at the Milwankee 6190-20 and the Dewalt DW872.

    Any comments or suggestions on these saws or would you recommend a different brand and model?


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    Go for the Milwaukee. I have'nt used one, but researched it quite a bit. I've had some past troubles with the Dewalt motors.


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      i researched this a few months ago, but the need didn't arise. i decided on the porter cable, if memory serves it comes with a better (higher tooth count) blade and runs at a slightly lower rpm. In my opinion, formed from talking to people who have them higher tooth count and lower rpm seem to add to blade lonjevity.
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        I would go with the Dewalt, my brother has had one for quite a few years and it's seen it's share of work and abuse. Still runs like a champ..



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          Get a Rigid CM1450

          Lifetime warrantee after you register online. The deck is also a bit higher than the Milwakee.


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            i would go with the dewalt. we got one in my shop class and it works great.
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              Well I was able to put my hands on a Dewalt and Milwankee. I checked both out closely and decided I like the Milwankee better. I thought it had a much better fence. I found the dewalt fence to be a little more difficult to adjust. I did look at the Ridiged but it has the same style fence as my Ryobi cut off and that is one of the reasons why I'm getting a different cut off saw.

              I bought the Milwankee yesterday and tried it out last night. WOW!!!! What a difference between an abrasive wheel and dry cut blade. The final cuts are so clean, and it is so much more quieter than my old Ryobi.

              Thanks for all the input.





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                Keep us posted. I've been using the DeWalt DW872 for over 4 years. Still very pleased with it. I own literally DOZENS (plural) of DeWalts. Never had a motor problem. Ever. In any of them. I've repaired on trigger on my 18V grinder (fixed it myself) and had one warranty repair when I overloaded the 7.2V screwdriver and broke its aluminum housing.