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Light Weight aluminum Mountain Bike trailer for The ELK!

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  • Light Weight aluminum Mountain Bike trailer for The ELK!

    Howdy everyone, thanks in advance for any advice. I am looking to design and build a light weight mountain bike trailer for elk hunting that can haul 300+lbs. I have the basic design, except for the exact material im going to use as the frame. I was thinking about 1" aluminum tubing. I do not know enough about the structural integrity of the different tubes to know if im over doing it I was thinking .065 wall. the size is about 36" wide 46 " long and then a tongue extension. Any ideas on grade and size? Also does anyone know the best place in Washington or online to buy this stuff?

    Duke jr.

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    If your here in Washington Everett steel is where almost everyone I know goes. They have a few locations.


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      Your standard 6061 tubing. Nothing exotic and welds easily.

      If you just want to use Alooominum because you want to practice with your 180 go ahead but it will be mo $$$ than steel and not that much lighter.

      You can get away with 16 steel tubing but will have to go up in size using AL -- to match the strength so it somewhat balances out AL vs Steel.

      Benefit of AL is that it won't rust away.
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        Thanks guys I appreciate the advice


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          Suggest you use steel and shoot a smaller elk to keep the total weight down.


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            Better yet... use the elk to power the rig out of the woods, and then shoot it

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