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    I am in the process of designing a shop wall tool storage/work bench combo. Does anybody know of a source for drawers as found in roll around tool chests? Ie different heights and/or depths?Thanks, Denny

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    You might do as well buying a roll around and mounting it under the bench.


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      I agree with the toolbox vs drawers. Depending on size, you have the big Harbor Freight or if wanting a deeper bench, then the List or Stanley-Vidmar are something to look at. There have been some pretty awesome toolbox/bench builds on the forums...
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        Originally posted by cope View Post
        This without the casters would make for killer storage.
        The above cabinet, 44 in. 13 Drawer Glossy Red Industrial
        is a good option, you may add a vise #5 and a top 1/4" inch plate.


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          The 44 in. 13 Drawer Glossy Red Industrial is a nice option.
          You may add a 1/4 inch top plate and a #4 vise.


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            After looking around and reading your responses I must agree that the HF roll around is the best bet for large tool storage. Already own one of the large units plus some MAC and Snap-On. IMHO the HF are the equal to S-O and MAC units.My first Snap-On was bought back in the late 70's and is really no better than the Craftsman units sold today. I find it kind of funny that the same place that can't get power tools to hold up can market such a nice tool chest/roll around. Again thanks ,I look forward to learning more on this board.


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              Another option to consider would be filing cabinets. They are offered with different drawer sizes, or you could do lateral files. They can often be found on craigslist fairly inexpensively. The searches I would do is for lateral file, file cabinet, and flat files. Flat files might be great for wrenches, files, chisels, screw drivers, and the like.