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Surface rust on welding table

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  • Surface rust on welding table

    I'm finishing up a welding table for my home and the 3/4" plate I'll be using had some fairly heavy surface rust when I bought it from being outside on the ground. I've ground, sanded, and wire brushed most of the rust off at this point. From the forums I've gone through at this point it seems that generally the preferred method for rust prevention is to complete clean the rust off then wipe down the table with a light coat of WD-40 and then wipe off any excess. However, if I were to use a couple light coats of rust converter/primer would it impede the electoral current if my mig is grounded to the table, or would there be any other concerns?

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    Don't worry about rust just use it.


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        Click image for larger version

Name:	welding table.JPG
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ID:	516817I put a little WD-40 on this table from time to time, down here in Fl. if it is not used a lot it will get some rust on it. I don't weld every day so wd-40 works for me.


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          Just use it. Unless it's in a climate controlled room it's going to flash rust.
          Look at Boe-shield too. This product was developed by Boeing aircraft for just the issue you're fighting.


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            Surface rust on welding table

            I use non stick cooking spray on my table and welding jigs. Also stops spatter from sticking


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              Just ignore it. Unless it was _really_ rusty (think auto body-rot or falling-down-bridge type rust) I wouldn't even have ground/sanded/brushed it like you did.

              I would not paint the table. The paint will impede the electrical current. Also, the paint will get dinged and scratched and then rust will start there, spread under the paint, etc, etc. The heat from welding could also cause some "interesting" vapors and fumes to come up out of the paint.

              You should attach your ground clamp as close to the weld area as possible and not rely on the work sitting on the table.


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                I actually set my tables outside too rust so we can write on them with soapstone for doing lay out, Mine stay pretty shiny from cleaning spatter off so we like a little rust.


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                  Have it Blanchard ground if you can swing it. Otherwise weld on.

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                    i wouldn't sray anything on it due to the fact that of you do any kinda aluminum work and set it down on the table it's gonna contaminate the aluminum. i take my big dewalt grinder and set it flat on the table and let it grind off any rust dust then i wipe it off with a clean dry towel or blow it off with a compressor. plus like another member posted a light coat of rust make it really nice to lay stuff out. works just like a chalk board. another thing is if you now have it in your shop it shouldnt rust that much anymore .